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Geocaching Hampton Roads


Come join us for the 15th Annual Geocaching Hampton Roads Picnic!


Over the past 15 years, our small picnic has grown in size from about 40 people the first year to between 300-500 in the last couple of years.  We’ve enjoyed hurricanes, tropical storms and beautiful weather along the way! We even made Mega for a few years.  Each year brings people we’ve known for a while, and new friends that we meet for the first time.  Come join us this year at Chesapeake City Park!  A little hurricane effected attendence last year and we are not a mega event at this time.  If we reach 300 will attends on the cache page, Groundspeak will re-evaluate and possible upgrade the event to mega.

WOW! It's hard to believe that this will be our 15th consecutive annual event. Little did the organizer of that first event in 2003 know what this would blossom into. She started what would become a fun tradition for the geocaching community in Hampton Roads. It has also been a favorite destination for cachers from nearby states such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, as well as folks traveling from Michigan, Texas and New Mexico just to name a few. 

The Hampton Roads area is rich in history.  From First Landing in Virginia Beach where Captain John Smith stepped ashore in the new world, to Jamestown, the first English Settlement and Williamsburg the colonial capital of Virginia.   We’re also rich in military history, including Revolutionary and Civil War sites as well as being home to the largest active naval base in the world, Norfolk Naval Base.  The area also supports other bases including Langley Air Force Base, Fort Story, Fort Eustis, Oceana and a National Monument, Fort Monroe.

All of this lends itself to amazing caching opportunities and great locations.  We’ve got something for every caching desire.  There are over 2800 caches within a 25 miles of the event location.  This includes something for everyone.  From simple park and grabs, to fun hikes, to bike rides to challenging puzzles and sneaky hides, as well as virtuals and scenic locations and even a few pieces of geoart.  Whatever your geocaching desires are, we have caches to meet your needs.

Come hang out with us for a day of fun, socializing, and geocaching.  Make a weekend of it, and explore the local area.