Thanks for checking out this page!  As you know, events of this size are a huge undertaking and can be expensive!  The event is hosted by local cachers, just like you.  We work hard each year behind the scenes to ensure you have a GREAT experience at our event.  There are no deep pockets in our group and we depend on your generosity to help support the event.  So, here are some ways you can help:


We’ll gladly accept donation of money or geocaching related swag to be used in the raffle/door prizes or chance auction.   We ask that items be donated by August 21st to allow us time to prepare them for the event.   Previous items have included geocoins, cache kits and containers, pathtags and holders, and various other outdoor related items.  To make a donation, please email us at to arrange transfer of items.

Chance Auction -

Items will be on display at the event.  Tickets can be purchased at the event for a nominal fee.  Drop a ticket in one or all of the item’s designated container to have a chance to win that item.  There is no limit to the number of tickets per individual or item.  

50/50 Raffle -

Buy a raffle ticket to win half of the total money collected.  50% goes to the winning ticket, 50% goes back to the picnic!

Egg Raffle

Buy an egg and see if it holds coordinates for a cache container hidden nearby.  That container is yours to keep.  Not all eggs will contain coordinates, but take a chance and have some fun.  containers will include ammo cans, lock and lock, match sticks, and bison tubes.